Booking a Septic or Holding Tank Pumping:

  • Before you make an appointment make sure that all of the septic lids are exposed by having the earth removed from around them. Most septic systems have two lids (concrete and plastic tanks).
  • Please specify if you are selling or buying a home and would like a Septic Inspection.
  • Have the address and directions to your location for our drivers.
  • Ensure the road and area to access the tank is clear of overhang and the ground is firm. The customer will assume all responsibility for any damages where service is made inside the curb.
  • Service trucks require 15 feet clearance in all areas.
  • Payment is required upon service. Accepted methods are cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • Book appointment by telephone: (613) 267-3350 or (613)-283-0785.

What is a Septic Inspection?

A Septic Inspection is also known as a Pumper Report. The Pumper Report includes the following information:

  • condition of the septic tank before and after pumping
  • construction materials
  • type of tank
  • capacity
  • depth of tank
  • type of absorption system
  • condition of lids
  • evidence of water leakage
  • evidence of sewage seeping from the tank or lids
  • condition of inlet and outlet baffles
  • flow test to ensure the weeping bed is working

It is ideal to get a Septic Inspection done when selling or buying a home and we offer this service from years of experience pumping septic and holding tanks.

A Septic Inspection can only be completed at the time of pumping.

Please visit our Helpful Hints page for information pertaining to maintaining your septic system!